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Bishop Desmond Greaves is the founder of the Salvation & Deliverance Ministries Apostolic Int’l  This was established in the year 2002.  Starting from humble beginnings with only a handful of faithful members, he brought them together for formal worship in a rented church, within a working-class area of the London Borough of Bromley.  The church has grown from strength to strength and have become a vibrant and diverse community church with strong worship and teaching.

The aim of SDM is to be a vehicle that God will use to minister to lost Souls. 

Bishop Desmond Greaves

Bishop Desmond Greaves’ responsibility is  ensuring the spiritual growth of the members and  believes that as the  

Pastor of a local assembly his duties is to provide a service that meets the diverse needs of his community and additionally by valuing and supporting the health and wellbeing of all individuals he come into contact with.

Furthermore, Bishop Greaves is well experienced in conducting funerals, baptisms, Ordination, marriage ceremonies and administering Holy Communion, counselling and ecumenical services to another independent ministry.

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Bishop Greaves preaches the unadulterated Word of God, and therefore, many can testify that their lives have changed, for the better. He has experienced the Glory of God and the manifestation of his power as souls yield their lives to Jesus Christ.

Bishop Desmond Greaves is also the founder of SDM Health and Social Care which provides help and support to the local community.

He is also the founder of the SDM Bible Institution call (SET) School of Education and Theology).

Bishop Desmond Greaves is a member of the Joint Council of Churches of all Nations (JCCAN). He is one of the trustees and vice chairperson.

Bishop Desmond Greaves is The Executive Chair Person of the MOI (Men of Integrity) Mission.

He is also a registered member of the Churches Together in England (CTE) and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTB) which allows him to have connection with the Free Church Federal Council.

He works with other organization in transforming future generations, to think act, live and stand on the fundamental principles of our ancestors.

Bishop Desmond Greaves has graduated as an Ambassadorial International Chaplain and a member of the United Nation (UN).

As a Chaplain at Kings College Hospital (London) and other professional bodies Bishop Continue offer’s spiritual care to the patients, relatives and staff in complex and traumatic situations whilst treating everyone with dignity and respect, listening to others and valuing their contribution.

This experience has also given him the opportunity to impact people of different faiths, different religious backgrounds and different racial ethnicities.

Bishop Desmond Greaves is also well qualified Financial Adviser and an Insurance Consultant who offer a wider range of insurance products from various providers.

 Bishop Greaves is married to Co-Pastor Stephanie, who has worked alongside him throughout his Ministry. They have two lovely boys, Master Solomon and Simon.

Bishop Desmond Greaves is a well-recognised national and international orator, a motivational conference speaker, mentor, trainer and prayer warrior.

On the International scene, Bishop Desmond Greaves has travel to various countries such as The United States of America, The Caribbean, Africa, Philippines, Asia, and the Middle East to preach and teach the word of God to a wider audience. 

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